About Us


The name itself depicts the work set of the website. We are here to set a market place where much of the population can participate actively as they usually do in the physical market. It compares the price rates of same product on various websites and gives the best suited price. It also automatically bargains the product price for you. We provide you a platform that finds reviews, posts videos and additionally troubleshoots the product for you. Moreover it shows the availability of the product in the local market around you

Sastabazar.com also guides the location of product near you which may provide you the same at best suited price or will negotiate the minimum EMI for the time period of your choice. So ultimately you need not spend your precious hours and tire yourself searching for the product for its appropriate price.

We are here to help you out shopping your desired object at desired price with its quality checks. Warranty and Guarantee details as well as it's validity periods.